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What is Solar

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Solar led street light, solar led street lamp to introduce the advantages and di...

Now in our city construction, street lights usually choose to install solar led street light, this is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving lamps, is a kind of ideal lighting facilities, that since our solar led street lamp is very pop...


Solar energy lamps and lanterns is introduced Principle of solar lamps and lante...

The widespread use of solar energy brought great convenience for people‘s life, in the industry of lamps and lanterns, solar energy with its unique advantage was deeply loved by consumers. Here are the small make up to you to introduce solar lamps a...


Intelligent transportation LED light lamp principle of work

Intelligent transportation LED is a solid light-emitting device as the fill light, also known as light-emitting diode, LED intelligent transportation are commonly used to improve the object as the fill light positive insufficient light and use a way ...


The LED will become a new trend of intelligent lighting

Now of the age in which the household lighting is no longer a few lamp, brightness can age enough, of course, is not only for lamps and lanterns is beautiful, practical, good times, but require lighting to the overall design in residential space, com...


Guiado por led and energy saving lamp difference is introduced

  Led lights, is a kind of light emitting diode. The light emitting diode is a kind of can into solid state power semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light. So, led energy-saving lamps and which good? Below small make up to...


Solar LED street lamp common problems

LED light source in the lighting industry is mainly used in building exterior lighting, entertainment venues and stage lighting, interior space display lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, identification and indicative lighting, traffic light...