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Intelligent transportation LED light lamp principle of work

Intelligent transportation LED is a solid light-emitting device as the fill light, also known as light-emitting diode, LED intelligent transportation are commonly used to improve the object as the fill light positive insufficient light and use a way to light up. This article is about intelligent transportation LED light lamp principle of work. 
This is commonly used as the fill light highlighting light-emitting diode (LED) to make, driven by small current light-emitting semiconductor devices, it has stable operation, low calorific value, low energy consumption, long service life characteristics. Reliable close plants without anxiety. Based on this feature, the LED can be horizontal or vertical placed on top of plants, so it can largely reduce the loss of illuminance and provide smooth effect. 
Intelligent transportation LED lighting lamp principle of work is to use the light of the specific project to be illuminated object, directly or indirectly lead to get a kind of special lighting light up purpose. When used in promoting plant photosynthesis, is directly by the light make up; Illumination when used to improve the environment, and improve the low intensity of illumination, camera is specific lighting to shoot the scene, let the camera can shoot good quality images, is indirect light make up. 
As public security and traffic police to monitor image quality demand is higher and higher, so the LED lighting lamps are widely used in electronic police, bayonet, intelligent transportation, safe city, village entrances, parking lot, such as monitoring project. Based on intelligent transportation LED lighting lamp principle of work, can understand that the LED light to be softer, more conducive to relatively intelligent traffic lighting needs, and originally used for capturing high-definition as the fill light capturing useful xenon lamp light intensity is big, influential to the driver, so the xenon lamp slowly can be replaced by high brightness of LED lighting. 
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