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Who We Are

Who We Are

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sales01@winsolar.org (Edward),
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Culture & Values

  Quality Speaks, Skilled and Dedicated Work Force. Satisfied Customers.
  Quality Speaks: we put quality and standard of what we offer on top of market demand. We aim to get more valuable product and service provided so the global business relationship can be kept in long term way.
  Customer Satisfaction: We aim at delivering innovative solar solutions to help customer fulfill specific requirements. We aim to be known as one of the specialist solar lighting firms in China and across the world.
  Trust and Quality Promise: We give equal importance to every customer and deliver the highest standards of integrity all levels of business.
  Pledge to the Environment: Solar energy is environment friendly and our endeavor is to promote the benefits of the solar energy and maintain our eco-environment.
  Unmatched Quality: We give high importance to quality and this is attained with the help of pre-defined parameters for all solar energy related products/services. We follow these processes and methodologies promptly and closely all throughout the various levels of business.
  Motivated Team: For WINSOLAR, our employees are our biggest assets. They have a huge contribution to the growth and goodwill of our company. We provide a very amicable work culture that focuses on self-learning, knowledge sharing and excellent performance as a team to acquire the organizational goals.

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