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Global LED patent status and patent strategy analysis of China‘s LED industry

On July 19, nichia again to four companies in the United States. Sued in Missouri and north Carolina respectively LED lighting equipment dealers Mary Elle Fashions and Meridian, Electric, LED care equipment retailers Lowe ‘s company and its subsidia...


Depth profiling of LED industry‘s huge investment in the first half of the case...

Each industry development stage in different development period, will present a different situation; Is presented the half-year LED industry development characteristics, can from the "m&a tide", "restructuring to purchase" in the interpretation of th...


China laser lighting layout patent situation analysis

LED lighting of the ICONS, known by the royal Swedish academy of sciences as the "Edison" the 21st century, the 2014 Nobel physics prize winner nakamura repair 2 on June 25, 2016 China chengdu global innovation business trade fair, said in an intervi...


LED enterprise survival, quality and profit

In recent days, electricity lighting dark horse "is a" collapse collapse maxed out circle of friends. Within untimely, unavoidably nervous: environment has not improved, who can know the next exit the industry who will be the wave?


LED failure, do you only controlled by negative news?

Debt hanging over the LED is small and medium-sized enterprise debt with Chinese characteristics, forming reasons, mainly for each link role between mutual insurance. - raw materials suppliers supporting enterprise, application, distributors, custome...


Data interpretation of the current global LED lighting development

The global lighting market can be divided into general lighting, automobile lighting and display three categories, including general lighting office lighting, home lighting, track traffic lighting, etc., the market share as high as 80%.


LED enterprises how to channel to promote those things?

China LED lighting enterprise m&a events in recent years, but overall, the LED before large-scale municipal reform era popular crossover in succession in recent years, part of the LED enterprises implement the strategy of double main business and mor...


Introduction to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of patent layout planning

LED lighting industry really got rapid development in recent years, especially in the field of downstream applications, LED is especially obvious in the southern province of guangdong. But after rapid development patent increasingly become the bottle...