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The LED will become a new trend of intelligent lighting

  Now of the age in which the household lighting is no longer a few lamp, brightness can age enough, of course, is not only for lamps and lanterns is beautiful, practical, good times, but require lighting to the overall design in residential space, combined with the environment of space of bedroom of the elements in the formation of different feelings, but also for intelligence of light through the control of the remote control, in addition to achieve energy saving. On this basis, the LED intelligent lighting will bring us new home to enjoy.
  Overall design with the increase of household lighting, home lighting solutions for increasingly popular. According to some famous suzhou decorate a company to relevant personage introduction, now commercial housing refined decoration on the design of the light is very exquisite, developers to have specialized designer to design. Because now the consumer is changing to the requirement of indoor lighting, not bright, to have emotional appeal, have feeling.
  As to how to realize the overall design control intelligent household lighting? First of all, in order to realize intelligent in use. Intelligent lighting equipment users need not touch switch, simply click on the remote control, home lighting can automatically switch. Experts predict that in the near future, intelligent lighting products to replace the ordinary lighting products, has become the mainstream in the lighting industry products.
  The LED will become a new trend of intelligent lighting
  According to introducing, the so-called intelligent lighting control products, lamps and lanterns is to ensure the normal working conditions, to lamps and lanterns is a best lighting power output configuration. So can reduce the overvoltage caused by lighting glare, make the light more downy lamplight, lighting distribution more uniform, but also greatly save power. According to introducing, intelligent lighting control system power saving rate can reach 20% 40%. The intelligent characteristic mainly displays in the following respects: realized according to the scene to adjust and control the combination lights function; Implements the personalized Settings: you can set "watch TV", "a visitor", "dinner", "home" and other lighting. Lights, lights, light up, turn off the lights, lights slowly extinguished, and to eliminate the light changed to the stimulation of the eyes, eye protection, also reduced the current impact to the lamps and lanterns, prolong the service life of the lamps and lanterns, protect the bulbs. Switch mode can choose the computer, remote controls, light touch button switch, infrared automatic induction switch, lighting scenarios for one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one flexible control; The brightness stepless adjustment of lamps and lanterns with system and automatic delay function, power of the state of the memory function and the state of the switch lock function, make the system more safe and reliable use.
  According to small make up to know, at present has individual companies in the market sales of intelligent lighting control system, but the price is a little expensive. The most expensive home intelligent lighting for foreign brands, about 1000 yuan/road, generally three rooms one hall house need 20 road, that is, a set of intelligent lighting system needs 20000 yuan. And the current domestic intelligent lighting products to normal price is about 100-200 yuan/road, a living room to install down to nearly ten thousand yuan.
  But industry insiders said decorate, household intelligent lighting system must be the development direction of household lighting, it combined with the overall lighting design can achieve ideal lighting effect. With the continuous improvement of technology, mature, the increase of the users, the price will be reduced gradually.
  To reduce the energy consumption of energy saving for household lighting is more and more important nowadays, intelligent control can reduce energy consumption, but it is not enough, the choice of light cannot be ignored. Now LED lights because of its unique household lighting energy saving effect became the overall design, the intelligent control is the best choice.
  The characteristics of the LED lights to make it attractive household light source. First is save electricity, under the same brightness, power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp tube 1/2. Such energy-saving effect, in the electric energy shortage today have to make a person enchanted. And as a whole home lighting adopted by the number of light sources will increase a lot, so energy saving is more important. Second, LED lights and long service life, it is more cost-effective for consumers. For the LED into the household lighting, many consumers think that LED the Lantern Festival, long service life, save the cost of living and save energy, is kill two birds with one stone.
  Third, LED lights and other lamps and lanterns can achieve a characteristics, that is to cut, bend. Reporter sees a philips lighting stadium in Beijing, in living in adornment use philips LED lights with various creative graphics can be cutting, bending, some still can cut out like a volcano modelling, some are bent into the stars, the moon shape, and cut into long thin, hide in the bed, sofa, wall, curtain etc. Anything you want to hide jammed. It is understood that LED lamp, the minimum cut 5 millimeters. This kind of performance is not only convenient for the overall design of household lighting, but also convenient for consumers themselves DIY.
  However, the price of LED lights is generally on the high side, many consumers away. In spite of this, dealers are confident about the prospects for LED home lighting. Yu, general manager of a domestic lighting total points out, after years of development and technology improvement, heat dissipation of the LED industry, drive, light source, such as chip technology has made great progress, and consumers‘ income is rising, energy conservation and environmental protection benefits of LED products bring is thirst, this is the opportunity that LED lights used in home lighting.
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