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What is Solar

What is Solar

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Solar energy lamps and lanterns is introduced Principle of solar lamps and lanterns

Solar energy lamps and lanterns is introduced 
With the development of economy, the progress of the society, people put forward higher and higher requirements of energy, and search for new energy become the urgent task facing the current human. Due to the solar thermal power, hydropower, clean, safe nuclear power can not reach, universality and adequacy of resources advantages, solar energy is considered the most important energy in the 21st century. 
The main parameters of solar lamps and lanterns 
Main material: light pole for all steel structure, hot dip galvanized/coating process as a whole 
Crystalline silicon solar cell components: 50-200 wp (according to the load configuration) 
System working voltage: dc 12 v, 24 v 
Controller: solar lamps dedicated controller, electric + time control, intelligent control (dark lights since open, daylight lamp since out) 
Energy storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12 v50-200 ah (depending on the load configuration) 
Light source types: energy-saving integrated high power LED, rare earth high efficient energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps (can configure according to customer‘s request) 
Protection grade: IP65 
Temperature: - 30 degrees to 70 degrees, was 150 km/h or more 
Lighting time: 4 ~ 14 hours (according to need to adjust) 
Light pole height: 6 meters to 12 meters (can be produced according to customer requirements) 
Rainy day guarantee: can work continuously 3 ~ 4 a rainy day (area/season there are differences between the different) (can be produced according to customer requirements) 
Pay no without laying of underground cables, lighting electricity, solar energy street light key components of solar panels, solar street lamp intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, dc lighting lamps and lanterns are photovoltaic products through the national development and reform commission (NDRC)/GEF/world bank certification. 
The working principle of solar lamps and lanterns 
Working principle is to use solar panels to absorb the light into electricity and stored under the streetlight installed inside the control box of battery, etc. In the evening, take out from the battery power for lamps and lanterns again, to the road lighting. 
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