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What is Solar

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Solar LED street lamp common problems

  LED light source in the lighting industry is mainly used in building exterior lighting, entertainment venues and stage lighting, interior space display lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, identification and indicative lighting, traffic lights, and so on.
  Because of the brightness of the LED light source has increased in recent years, making it able to replace traditional lighting light source lighting device, not just confined to the light, of course the LED technology is still in the initial stage, is expected to be in the next five to 10 years, in improving photosynthetic efficiency, reduce the cost has the very big progress, LED light source in the future will become another competitor of traditional lighting light source.
  At present has been used in the known as the solar LED street light, solar road lighting equipment and existing problems are: the market in the current
  1, heat dissipation problems;
  2, lack of uniform standards, the product good and bad are intermingled;
  3, price and design quality problems, and finally let the consumer lacked the confidence to choose LED lighting;
  4, semiconductor lighting in electrical design and traditional lighting has the very big difference, so I need the accumulation experience and skills;
  The solution:
  By adjusting the high-precision constant current chips, ensure the consistency of the LED light source luminance and chrominance, to provide standard and custom, reliable, high quality products, each manufacturer don‘t overly complex electrical design, only need to add the traditional constant pressure at external power supply to work without the simple circuit design, this is the fastest and most reliable way, the spectral solar street lamp manufacturers can always solve your for solar LED street lamp technology and quality problems.
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