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Depth profiling of LED industry‘s huge investment in the first half of the cases

Each industry development stage in different development period, will present a different situation; Is presented the half-year LED industry development characteristics, can from the "m&a tide", "restructuring to purchase" in the interpretation of these keywords to observe grasp to the current LED some hot topic and development trend of the industry; LED industry mergers and acquisitions, in developing stable of the whole industry, let‘s take a look at the latest development of LED industry! 
Capital & acquisitions 
Since this year, the LED industry capital increase, merger and acquisition‘s hyperactive, each big LED company bosses in order to improve the company LED the layout of the industrial chain, to further strengthen the company‘s core competitiveness have capital increase of hundreds of millions of; LED industry integration of m&a events emerge in endlessly, 100% for the competition acquisition of horizontal consolidation, or a large stake in longitudinal purchase to the downstream enterprise, these m&a events LED industry new breath, of course, this also gives the LED industry has brought new development opportunities. 
Dongshan precision of U.S. subsidiary capital increase of $1.5 million 
On April 7, dongshan precision announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Hong Kong dongshan precision joint photoelectric co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Hong Kong dongshan") in June 2015 in the United States, Dallas, Texas investment set up wholly owned subsidiaries dongshan precision (USA) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "American subsidiary"). Now to meet the needs of the early inputs such as product development, design, to the requirements of the customer, the Hong Kong dongshan decided to U.S. subsidiary capital increase of $1.5 million. 
Wood Tomlinson 300 million yuan capital increase and development 
June 28 evening, wooden Tomlinson co., LTD. Announcement: the company through its own funds 300000000 yuan capital increase and development of lighting (xiamen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "development"), through the capital increase access to and development holdings increased from 10.91% to 25.50%. Development, after the completion of the capital increase the registered capital will be increased to $13655172, 40000 to $18494416, 50000, deep technology and Epistar, wooden Tomlinson, crown crystal, Country Lighting, LarganBright hold and development respectively 34.37%, 25.95%, 25.50%, 5.84%, 4.54% and 5.84% equity. Deep technology and development company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong jointly held and development of the stake from 42.07% to 42.07%. 
Hundreds of fai LED expansion autoart electronic m&a 
Late July 13, otto electronic plans through a combination of issuing shares and pay cash, buy Shen Yongjian, Zhou Weijun and ya-wei wang huayuan, Luo Xiaoshan, according to longteng, han investment holding hundreds of fai a combined 100% stake, payment transaction of 300 million yuan. Hundreds of fai is lighting engineering industry of domestic well-known integrated solution provider, business scope covers the whole night at urban planning, commercial plaza, city roads, Bridges, city commercial block, scenic spots, such as architectural interior space lighting planning and design and construction. By the end of March 2015, hundreds of fai a total assets of 93.5699 million yuan, net assets of 52.3384 million yuan. Its 2013, 2014 and 1-3, 2015 the first big customer of wanda group. 
Dongshan precision "m&a" mei qi MFLX quasi 4 billion m&a 
Dongshan precision released non-public stock plans, the company intends to issue with not less than 15.93 yuan/share price is not more than 282 million shares, the total will not exceed 4.5 billion yuan, raise money for buying American nasdaq MFLX company 100% equity of listed companies, as well as the added liquidity. According to the plan, will be on a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong dongshan dongshan precision, set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Delaware investment DragonElectronixHoldingsInc. (that is, "the United States holding company"), and through the United States holding company in the United States investment to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Delaware Dragon Electronix Merger SubInc. (the "merge unit"). Consolidated subsidiaries due after delivery conditions all met with MFLX company according to the merger of Delaware law. MFLX company will, as a company combined survival, and become the dongshan precision of an indirect wholly owned subsidiary. MFLX, after the completion of the merger of the company‘s common stock to the nasdaq delisting from the United States. 
Restructuring & purchase 
Along with the restructuring of listed companies to buy number jumped, although there are many LED enterprises, will surely usher in fierce shuffle, through merger, acquisition and reorganization between industry "the big fish eat small fish" game, believe that the future of LED industry is also the era of merger, acquisition and reorganization, and to grow in it. 
HuaCan photoelectric preliminary asset restructuring plan takeover targets 
Late July 20 HuaCan photoelectric announcement, according to targets for the world‘s leading enterprise MEMSIC microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors, INC. (USA) (the new semiconductor). The restructuring of the company now to plan for the purchase of assets through issuing shares, namely: the property for the harmonious core light (yiwu) photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "SPV"), by the SPV to the transaction of the shareholders of the target company to buy a 100% stake in the target company. 
LED "the rich" factory spent 660 million to buy three targets 
Late June 8, 2016, lianjian photoelectric have announced that proposed together with the related party‘s tower investment in 200 million yuan of the koala endowment and acquired its stake, after the capital increase, the company holds a 13% stake in the network, the koala 20.33% equity investment tower to hold a koala network; Lianjian photoelectric linkage culture investment co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as "joint investment") to use its own funds not more than RMB 263 million yuan to buy green a 100% stake in xian, with 200 million yuan endowment and acquisition of Shanghai into a 100% stake in light. 
Intelligent building companies in electricity purchase 2 
In the double electric deals, relief to hit more than $8 billion (nt $, about 1.628 billion yuan), 2 building automation company merger and acquisition, in electronics and LOYTEC and Delta Controls Inc. Today announced deals together, units of electricity in a euro 72 million yuan (about $2.6 billion nt) obtain LOYTEC equity, the future will be in 2 stages, the other with Delta Controls Inc., to complete the purchase contract signed application, signed purchase building automation business assets of the company contract. 
Lehman shares 780 million acquisition in China new culture 
Lehman shares on April 11, the evening to disclose the draft and pay cash purchase of assets through issuing shares, according to the plan, the company intends to pay cash by issuing shares and a combination of visual media and buy China high-definition firms jointly held a 100% stake in the new culture company of China, about 50% of the price paid in the form of issuing shares, about 50% of the price paid in cash, which proposed to the Chinese media and hd company issued 18670212 shares and 18670212 shares, the total number of shares of the listed company after the completion of the transaction proportion were 5.04% and 0.56% respectively. 
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