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China laser lighting layout patent situation analysis

LED lighting of the ICONS, known by the royal Swedish academy of sciences as the "Edison" the 21st century, the 2014 Nobel physics prize winner nakamura repair 2 on June 25, 2016 China chengdu global innovation business trade fair, said in an interview with the media, in the next decade laser lighting will replace the LED lighting. Online there are comments that the efficiency of the laser light is LED thousands of times, not only can increase the projection distance, improves security, at the same time a smaller, more compact structure. 
The laser lighting the fire but WeChat friends everywhere, laser lighting will be instead of the traditional LED lighting news in 10 years, we first regardless of whether the laser illumination as nakamura repair. Say so, god would replace the LED lighting in just ten years. But we think at least "the efficiency of the laser light is LED thousands of times," the claim is impossible. Because if the efficiency to achieve the LED lamps and lanterns of thousands of times, means the original efficiency of LED lamps and lanterns is less than 0.1%. In the field of lighting the basic theory, a Km value is called a maximum spectral luminous efficiency, its value is 683 lm/w. This is Ming DianZhuan into light limit visual condition. What does that mean? Is any watts of electrical power, it will be converted into visible light, it is not possible to more than 683 lm! If the efficiency of laser light to reach the LED thousands of times, therefore we need the LED performance down to 0.683 lm/w!!!!!! 
We cannot simply look at the LED lighting and the difference between laser illumination. Look from the excitation source, laser and LED light not big difference, YAG laser is a more by laser radiation, the LED is added a fluorescence after semiconductor exciting light conversion; Look from visual effect, good monochromaticity, laser LED spectrum was a much broader and suitable for display, lighting, etc.; And on the brightness, the LED brightness compared with laser can not. Because the direction of the laser is very strong, is a straight line, if not treated brightness LED more than. Laser RGB visual effect is not yet mature, it is just to stay in the laboratory. 
So the question comes, laser lighting is what? The laser lighting has patent in China? Small make up take you under the simple introduction. 
What is a laser light? 
Dividends outside laser illumination optical laser illumination. 
Infrared laser lighting, is the use of semiconductor materials, in the process of cavitation and electronic composite of electron energy level, the release photons to create light, then produce resonance between photons in the cavity formed by the laser photon propagation direction. Many of night vision surveillance camera, night illumination applications. 
Visible light, laser light, according to the principle can be divided into blue light stimulate phosphor white light illumination (for example, the 2011 BMW concept car launch laser car headlights, as shown in figure 1 and figure 2) synthesis of white and red, green and blue laser laser, or true color color lighting (such as Qingdao zhongke spectrum of laser light). 
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