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What We Offer

What We Offer


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20W LED All in one Solar LED Street Light

Fully integrated solar street light from simplified & cast aluminum housing design optimize the construction to keep the stability and low cost.
Air-flow through heat sink design provides perfect heat management, waterproof design, lighter and keep stronger construction.
Smooth and glossy processing with natural clean system prevents debris build-up and minimizes wind loading.
Economic self contain street lighting fixtures ready for installation right out of the box.
Each fixture can be retrofitted  to an existing pole in no time.
Intelligent PIR sensor for dusk to dawn operation, Brightness automatically switched by smart charge  controller management.
Universal mounting bracket enables mounting on variety of poles.

LED & Optics
Eutectic led packaging technology is applied for low heat resistance, low light degradation, high efficiency and long life (Projected L70>50000h @ Ta 25C). High efficiency Pure white (6500-7000K)
Precise integrated optic lens in high intensity PC material with IESNA Type I provides high uniformity and optimal luminaire spacing, the optical system optimizes the light distribution, eliminate the waste of light, increase the reasonable and effective using of light.

IP 68 waterproof charge controller / Sensor / connector

Battery   -  2000 cycles LiFePO4 battery from qualified supplier, stable quality performance

Product Code

WS-603-25W- ROCK 

LED Light  

25W  | 100-120 lm/w |  6500 K updating

Solar panel

Mono crystallline  40W, 17.5V 

Battery  (AH/V)          

LiFePO4 battery Capacity: 18AH 12.8V 

Life span: 2000 cycles (5 - 7 years)

Work mode: 

12 hours  / night , 

Dim mode 30% brightness

Bright mode 100%  when motion sensed


24 hours

Housing Material

Aluminium alloy

PIR sensor


Operating temp

-20°C to +60°C

Lamp Color temp.

6500 K (Cool white)

Install height

4-6 m

Best Pole height

5-6 m

Pole Diam.


Pole distance

> 15 m

Net dimensions without bracket

900 x 310 x 55 mmd


IP 65 (EN60529 compliant)

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