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LED failure, do you only controlled by negative news?

  1, the objective environment
  Debt hanging over the LED is small and medium-sized enterprise debt with Chinese characteristics, forming reasons, mainly for each link role between mutual insurance. - raw materials suppliers supporting enterprise, application, distributors, customers in such a chain, capital default problems as long as one of the links, can form the triangular debts on the industrial chain.
  By economic continuously downward, LED industry growth is slowing, the influence of such factors as the debts of the enterprise environment is getting worse and worse, believe that the recent collapse of many companies, there must be many is each other down, account are all a hotchpotch of "receivable without payment" and "" to handle without payment, but companies often want to bet on a pair of, continue to backlog of input - output - again - the default - backlog of input - output - again - to default, into a big mass production for small loss in a vicious cycle of small-scale production. Trading order disorder, settlement discipline was slack, weak credit concept, triangular debts have been intensified, the shadow of it now hangs over the LED small and medium-sized enterprises, which would then clutches to? Is still unknown.
  Sogou, there are ways to deal with each other, or ask once again into a "zombie" predecessors, also can say a set of a set of reasonable, but after all it is. Chinese of the business environment is difficult to change, can do no more than two kinds: at the time of negotiations, the one, to credit is at a discount, but also shorten the payment days, one thousand is eight hundred on credit; Second, not greedy, restraint, not with credit counterparts.
  Say more simple and crude, startup, must restraint, not on credit way; Already on the road, you‘d better keep strong in terms of payment in the future, rather than parity collection; Already in debt to, darling liquidation, early start failure procedure, the responsibility should bear responsibility.
  See here, the enterprises should feel little comfort in crisis, may think that "not I, but in each other", but this time, I have a splash of cold water, (also good on a hot day, hope the top), go to this step, just because "zombie" really?
  The 2, subjective behavior: moves when hung
  Usually an industry around the world, it should be only three to five companies living well, so either improving city share, do big; Or has the unique technology, moist lives, or waiting for a buyout by big companies.
  If can‘t do that, both of them are ready to play about the same as, or transformation, or across borders.
  People began a few years ago to the power supply, the power supply enterprise why not change a product? With their power supply technology, development to power supply products is easy, however, did not do so.
  Think that a product can have a lifetime of thoughts are common, but, now rapidly changing, which fills the world is a non-starter. Nano OLED technology from hon hai group investment, IBM cloud, big empty capsules against parity, tour, the cross step, tells us that good companies are constantly progress, constantly improve product. But why they didn‘t have a good research and development products such as "low power" to form their own competitive? Now the liquidation stage, if there is a hope of reforming, or you can consider to do it again.
  So, to collapse, associated with the objective environment of each other, but more to make innovation of subjective behavior of stagnation. Say so, is really cruel, because they do not have enough cash flow, it‘s hard to do the research and development. But I‘m sorry, if prepare adequately, why to be running a startup this pool of muddy water?
  In LED industry, collapse will be the norm, if your enterprise, and the value of takeover, please make sure to start early; If the takeover hopeless, is most likely go bankruptcy proceedings, also please don‘t hesitate, don‘t care about the outside world, don‘t tangle silence cost, be brave, early liquidation and liability. How long a fall into a pit a few, or can stage a comeback elsewhere.
  LED not line? - this is dangerous, controlled by negative thoughts
  Look back again, plant closings, layoffs, collapse, run now, jittery LED industry, LED is washed-up, finished? The idea in my here, of course, is a big mistake! On the contrary, I think the LED industry is to track, the beautiful spring.
  Chinese proverb: bad news travels fast, bad news travels fast. In the LED industry is developed to get incisively and vividly. But it has nothing to do with in which industry, in addition to the human nature of desire and voyeuristic interest, neurological research proved that the human brain‘s response to bad stimulation than good stimulation is more intense, and traces of deeper, this belongs to the negative bias of human psychology. And reasons for this may be because the bad influence on the ancient human survival and reproduction of the larger, in the process of human evolution, the crisis, in addition to eating beast, also must pay attention to the tribal vendettas, attack of other tribes, signs of famine, signs of the disease, can‘t respond fast to bad thing, genes are difficult to survive.
  But negative preferences evolved from ancient times, in the modern environment in the operation of the cheat, because no ancient dangerous in modern society, too much care about negative news, became a burden. We should not wear colored glasses, filter out the positive information, more can‘t controlled by negative news, with clear thinking and rational analysis.
  So, next, I want to let everybody, from some negative image, see the essence of the positive.
  Have power but in the ceiling? Turn right, go out play crossover
  However, believe it or not, industry there are still focusing make a fortune, this day and age, sometimes low profile to avoid vicious competition.
  So what is there see strength of enterprise? When international companies and domestic listed companies - have brand awareness, also have relatively large capital reserves.
  1, light source in the three major international cross-border thinking play "LED lighting"
  According to common sense, to analyze the three major light source international brands, philips, osram and GE lighting, do you think they don‘t mix fun low-key? In fact they muster all his strength in the development of new applications.
  Philips after release to sell lumileds, some think it live in LED lighting, to give up the LED lighting industry, plus in front of the light and the exhibition this year, had shut down a factory in shenzhen, the industry inexplicably uproar, bizarre Revelations "philips no bad theory and industry".
  Aiming at the event, said only three points:
  (1) philips from traditional light source to the LED, posture in place, compared with the domestic many traditional lighting enterprises pace is fast, its weight;
  Part (2) the philips sold LED patent and assets, not with Chinese enterprises to compete on price, and timely closure of some factory don‘t earn money, money for smart + connected lighting technical content is more, this "of the paper making, leading to" also is quite wise;
  (3) the philips lighting independent results for the first time yesterday: second-quarter revenue fell 6%, core profit increased 16%. Revenue is down but profits and revenue of 11.9 billion yuan, according to the data forecast full-year revenue, 10 euro to a philips lighting.
  Look at osram, from July 1, enable the new logo, but this is not just change a foreign icon is so simple, but it is clear the development direction of a ritual again.
  After the break-up of osram, will focus on professional lighting applications, such as lighting solutions and systems (LS and DS), special lighting (SP), and photoelectric semiconductor lighting (OS). General lighting lamps and lanterns is end of the initial stage of the business, as a big brand, of course it takes energy to study more challenging, or which have osram 2020 before investment of about 3 billion euros for drama in new technology and application.
  Then look at GE lighting. Frankly, GE lighting in LED transition is slower, but in the smart + connected lighting the road, it was the first to cooperate with America qualcomm, apple, huawei, it shows that it has been realized in advance: LED +, the era of Internet of things, to the "field" plow their worlds as well, it is not enough to do a good job in "lighting", cross-border joint is king. In fact, the GE‘s signature in the Internet industry. In many traditional manufacturing enterprises, by the way, haven‘t understand Internet industry concept, GE digital business in the last year has earned $5 billion in revenue for GE.
  , in short, the above three international companies have done, now are in think in cross-border cooperation, upgrade LED lighting applications.