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LED enterprises how to channel to promote those things?

  Germany OSRAM (OSRAM), 26, said agreed to light bulbs and LED light source and lamps and lanterns LEDVANCE business company with more than 400 million euros ($439 million) to sell to a Chinese consortium Tomlinson wood co., LTD. - China lighting company and two joint investors. At this point, the wooden Tomlinson by Osram in North America and European market distribution channels and the brand trademark, Osram Sylvania. Has the world famous brand and osram covering 150 countries, sales channels, will be as in rapid scale expansion of wood Tomlinson provides a good "sea".
  Brands and channels, is the most wanted the purchase of wood Tomlinson. Channels value reflected once again, for this king of LED general lighting in the era of the golden rule is to confirm again.
  A, traditional brand enterprises with channels gradually active
  China LED lighting enterprise m&a events in recent years, but overall, the LED before large-scale municipal reform era popular crossover in succession in recent years, part of the LED enterprises implement the strategy of double main business and more business, actively explore the new profit growth point. And before the collapse of the electricity business enterprise product a also let people see the electricity business channels to the fierce competition, pure electric goods brand due to the impact of offline entities well-known brands to get an electric shock.
  Instead of the traditional brand enterprises have been silently with rich channel advantage in the past two years in general lighting market increasingly active and more live more moist, op currently listed has passed, mitsuo aurora are also listed in the process, other such as foshan lighting, sun lighting LED transformation in steady progress, also quickly preempted by squeezing the original enterprise within the territory of the LED industry market space.
  Second, the type of channel and suggestion
  If for dividing types of channels, channels of LED lighting enterprises promotion in general can be divided into the circulation channels, three major project channel and contact channels.
  1, circulation channels,
  Circulation channels of the main difficulties is that investment is very large, expensive and channel system, Rome was not built in a day, need long time of fine management. In addition, after continuing to pour money into the depth of the output no ready-made case reference. But after good circulation channels construction can bring stability and continuous sales and cash flow, is considered to be "slow".
  To build good circulation channels, small make up that need to be at least the following:
  1) pay for the long time continuous marketing
  According to the report, circulation channels of "starting" marketing cost at least 15% to 20% of the total revenue, and that‘s not including marketing management and frontline salesman annual fees. Most LED emerging enterprises which do have not been very successful in the field of circulation.
  So, for companies interested in construction, grabbing the circulation channels, need to be prepared for a fight, ready to plenty of money, tolerance for a long time, the big money in marketing expenses.